Virtual ASP acts as a contractor to your company but without the normal hassle.

Services include :-

Virtual ASP acts as a contractor to your company but without the normal hassle.

As a web programming contractor I have had commercial experience in the designing and building of large web sites within a design team, I have also designed and built many private projects (see my C.V.).

A lot of my work has been in building and integrating 'modules' of code into existing sites, to add functionality and editable database driven content.

The main problem facing design agencies today, is that they have to incorporate the latest technology which means employing the specialists required or contracting them. For the smaller company, this can be an expensive operation and prove uneconomical; For the larger company it is more viable, but time (and therefore money) can be wasted by delays caused by the client not providing the required information, or due to gaps in the production schedule.

Another problem with employing or contracting specialists, is the office space and equipment required to house them. Virtual ASP has the answer to these problems, working from home (no ties of office space and equipment) with meetings on site as required and instant communication via email and phone, Virtual ASP acts as your own Virtual programmer! This allows your company to get on with your work and call the specialist only when required, meanwhile the specialist can work on your project, as and when the detailed specification has been agreed, filling in the time with other projects and so making full use of the working days, charging you only for the time used on your project.

Besides the obvious monetary advantages to this method of working, the specialist will be learning new methods and systems with his clients, which could be of use to you on other sections of your project.

Advantages :-